Yachting in Malta

Back to Posts 2019 Guidelines issued by CfR on the hiring of pleasure yachts Background Malta’s position in the centre of the Mediterranean, its magnificent natural harbours and its warm climate makes it a natural choice for yacht owners. Over the years, Malta has also established a strong reputation in the industry by offering reliable […]

How SMEs & Startups Can Weather the COVID-19 Storm

Back to Posts COVID-19 is primarily a health crisis, but nobody can deny that the effects of COVID-19 on most businesses is going to be significant. Today,  almost all business owners worldwide are scrambling to formulate plans with one aim in mind: Survival. It is now time for business owners to put aside the ambitious plans and dreams. […]

Setting up a Business in Malta

Back to Posts A business could take various forms, but generally takes the form of a limited liability company or commercial partnership. Such businesses are formed by agreement between the shareholders or partners and must be registered with the Maltese Business Registry. Naturally, one may also opt to register as a sole trader and do […]

Micro Invest Tax Credits 2021 – For Companies

Back to Posts Companies can now apply for tax credits calculated at a percentage of the cost of investments carried out in 2020. The deadline for submission of applications for investments carried out in 2020 is 26 May 2021 In order to be eligible, the applicant should: Be registered as a company; Not employ more than 50 […]

Investment Aid Regulations 2021

Back to Posts The Investment Aid Scheme, which is administered by Malta Enterprise, aims to sustain the regional industrial and economic development of Malta. This measure facilitates initial investments by encouraging the setting up of new establishments as well as the expansion and development of existing businesses.  The aid awarded under these guidelines shall amount […]

Startup Success

Back to Posts Starting a new business is challenging, no matter how many times you have done it before. At startup phase, most of the effort is focused on developing the product, getting the right talent, and coming up with a unique marketing plan. In many cases, startups tend to leave the finance function on […]